About ETC2

The ETC2 Group, a subsidiary of BLK Electric

operates out of the Mankato region of Minnesota, and the services it provides include electrical, mechanical, engineering, system integration, and electrical manufacturing. The United States Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) has acknowledged and included our factory in its database as an authorized assembly site.

Low Voltage (ETC2)

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

ETC2 maintains a staff that can work with any application’s need for Electrical and/ or Mechanical Engineering activities.

ETC2 can also provide these services for customers looking to have all aspects of a new product designed and engineered. From concept to engineering functionality, to pro­duction runs, ETC2’s staff can provide these services quite easily for you.

Machine Control Design

ETC2 has worked with several machine builders and fabri­cators to design and build control systems for various types of operations. Many types of automation and safeguarding can be incorporated into this equipment: Pick & Place, conveyor systems, grinding centers and fabrication equipment.

Production Capabilities

ETC2 has ample shop space for your equipment and/or equipment assembly needs. ETC2 also has extensive experience in custom building to our customer’s requirements, as well as applications that require OEM-style productions for customers.

Electrical switchgear room,Industrial electrical switch panel.


ETC2 does work to maintain and repair all forms of industrial and computer control equipment. We are a Regis­tered System Integrator for these products:

  • National Instruments
  • Opto 22
  • Groov
  • Labview
  • Allen-Bradley Systems Integrator

System Integration

ETC2 provides turnkey and customized solutions for Automation & System Integration for a wide variety of industries.

With extensive experience in areas including:

  • Automated Production Equipment (APE)
  • Automated Production Machinery (APM)
  • Automated Testing Equipment (ATE)
  • Plant Production & Process Control
  • Safety Equipment
  • Any area of automation and integration is possible for your specific
    control and infor­mation needs.

ETC2 has amassed extensive knowledge and exper­tise in the areas of:

  • Programming of System Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Operator Interface Units (OIU)
  • Safety Equipment
  • Networking all of these pieces together for a cohesive solution.

The industries that ETC2 has provided these types of solutions include, but are not limited to Agricul­ture, Agriculture Equipment, Environmental Con­trols, Feed Production, Food Production, Fiber­glass, Glass Coating & Production, Hydraulics, Metal, Mining, Recreation, Transportation, Print­ing, Water & Waste Water Treatment.


ETC is constantly growing and expanding its expertise. This is accomplished by increasing the company’s awareness of market trends and relationships with product manufacturers, Research & Development (R&D) departments and technical support groups. ETC2 also undergoes extensive continuing education to stay at the forefront of technology and to maintain high standards of industrial knowledge.

ETC2 is also focused on providing support and services after the initial installation of any of our systems. These services include but are not limited to

Standard & Practices

ETC2 does work to maintain and repair all forms of industrial and computer control equipment. We are a Regis­tered System Integrator for these products:

  • CSA-C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code
  • CSA / C/US-C22.2 #14-XX Industrial Control Equipment
  • CSA-3.8 Gas-Fired Equipment for Drying Farm Crops
  • IEEE-International Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • ISA-Instrumentation, Systems & Automation Society
  • NFPA-National Fire Protection Association
  • Industrial Machinery UL/GUL

Think Green

ETC2 has long focused on design and building controls that are energy efficient plus environmentally friendly. With today’s global focus on the Earth’s well-being, the need for “Green” controls has become even more apparent. ETC2 strives to maximize processes with a focus on energy efficiency.


ETC2 focuses on using components with an enduring run life to minimize energy consumption and waste from changing components regularly.

RoHS Directive

ETC2 is moving to abide by the RoHS directive which has the message of “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.” Developed in the UK for use by the entire EU, it reduces the levels of harmful materials such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, etc.

As the standards for environmental awareness continue to improve, ETC2 will strive to maximize your automation needs with keeping Green in mind.